A Musical Meditation


“End” places you on a swing at the end of all paths.

Each Ender walks until the End, unless you interrupt his journey.

An Ender’s steps resound as piano notes.

“End” is available for free on most iOS devices.

Gregorio Zanon

*** “End” – App Store download***

*** Based on two drawings by Pierrette Gonseth Favre ***

*** Piano samples by Bluemorfo ***


Drag an empty part of the screen to swing. Dragging with more fingers swings faster.

Tap an Ender, once or more, to call him early.

There is nothing else to do.

Each Ender is born with two notes, one per step.

Enders born on higher paths have higher notes, and vice-versa.

At the end of it’s path, an Ender will sing it’s two notes in reverse, at a slower playback speed.

Upon being called, an Ender will chirp it’s two notes in reverse, at a higher playback speed.

There is nothing else to understand.